COVID-19 Vaccination Information

Stil have questions about COVID-19? 

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With COVID-19 vaccine eligibility that expanded on Monday, February 15, we have received many questions about how our patients can get documentation of their preexisting medical conditions to show at vaccination locations.
Yesterday, the NYC Department of Health issued a notice to all health providers stating that a letter from a medical provider is NOT needed to demonstrate eligibility for COVID-19 vaccination.  You can download and present this certification as proof of your eligibility.

Apicha's COVID-19 Vaccine Availability

Although Apicha is one of the vaccine sites, we only receive a small number of vaccine doses therefore we cannot vaccinate all our eligible patients. Per NYC Department of Health instructions, we continue to prioritize patients over 65 as well as patients eligible based on their job type.
We will call patients individually when we have available doses.
Please do not call us or send us portal messages requesting appointments. If you are eligible and have not yet received a call from us, you can search for availability through the NYC Vaccine Finder